From old to new - KOCH Retrofit

KOCH drawing machines are distinguished by their long service life. After more than ten years of operation, our customers can still count on the performance of their drawing machine. Technical progress, however, is unstoppable, and much has been improved in new machine generations - especially with regard to Industry 4.0. An electrical retrofit is an economical alternative to purchasing a new machine.

Such a modernization is worthwhile if the basic substance is stable and the mechanics are still functional. The KOCH team of technicians brings the entire system up to date with state-of-the-art control and drive  technology. We not only make old KOCH systems fit, but also retrofit machines from other manufacturers at calculable prices.

Which areas are covered by our retrofit program?

> control systems
> switch cabinet construction


Many spare parts have already been withdrawn by the suppliers and must be replaced, as the availability of the parts is limited or no longer exists at all.

What are the advantages?

Ensuring the availability for your spare parts needs. You will receive a control system which incorporates our many years of experience and development and which we use today in new machines.

What are the long-term benefits for you?

The modernization of your equipment improves its availability and reliability.

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