Here at KOCH we’ve been using our knowledge and ideas and the latest technology for our customers for almost 100 years. We initiated all the major developments in the wire industry, and today we still pioneer the solutions of the future. As one of the world’s leading wire-drawing machine businesses, the lead we have over others is what ensures your competitive edge – and your success.

Customers in more than 60 countries

Successful for almost 100 years

80% exports


130 employees

Standards Created by KOCH


Die The quality revolution: our OTA drawing process, without dancer or tuner rollers, enables genuine deflection-free, straight-line drawing. An optimized production process from the pay-off to the spooler – and outstanding wire qualities. 


Capstan chamber cooling

Cools wire efficiently, ensuring top-quality wire and maximum drawing speeds.


The drawing speed of each of the drawing-blocks is controlled individually using a tuner roller – enabling synchronized wire drawing using multiple blocks, even in extreme applications.



Tunerline technology has been even more precise since the 1990s thanks to synchronization with computer drawing systems.

German engineering exported worldwide from Sauerland

Master mechanic Ernst Koch founded his own maintenance and repair company in Hemer-Ihmert. He built his first wire machine in the 1930s.


Ernst Koch’s sons Albrecht and Heinrich marketed wet drawing machines, take up frames for galvanizing lines, wire straightening and cutting machines. Wire produced on Koch machines began to permeate every aspect of life, being used for example in furniture, medical equipment and the home.


The world becomes more mobile and needs wire for cars and trains. Rolled steel wire strengthens houses, bridges and tunnels. In 1969, Koch joins forces with WAFIOS AG, a leading manufacturer of wire-processing machines, to specialize in drawing machine technology and cold-rolling technology.


Koch engineers develop systems that are still setting standards today, such as the capstan chamber cooling, tuner roller control and the OTA drawing process. In 1987, Koch forms the Morgan Koch Corporation in Massachusetts, USA, together with one of the world’s biggest rolling mill manufacturers. This company has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch since 1991.


Since 2000
Italian cooperation partner M+E began to augment Koch’s range of products with wet drawing machines, take-up and pay-off machines in 2003. In 2008, Koch founded WiTechs GmbH together with WTHK GmbH in Hemer to manufacture wire rod pay-off systems and machines for the mechanical cleaning of wire.

Together with our exceptional network of partners, we plan, supply and install complete systems for the manufacture of wire, together with all the necessary components.

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